(listed alphabetically)

Dennis played with us only once in February 2003 at The Little Fox Theatre in Redwood City. Since then he’s performed and recorded with Michael Spiro and Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso. You can track him down through

JOE CRAVEN—hand & mouth percussion & kitchen sink
Joe was a founding member of WTD in 2000, and officially passed the drumsticks on to Brian Rice in 2006 after launching his current full calendar of solo touring. Joe can play anything, mostly better than anyone else can, and is a constant joy to be with and to play with. We all hope he will continue to pop up as a guest noise-maker at future WTD shows. Find out more about all the cool stuff Joe is doing at

Several WTD members knew Freyda for many years, back when she was based in Virginia and touring with bands like Trapezoid, both fiddling masterfully and singing like an angel. In 2002 she moved west to California and we reconnected, asking her to sit in with us. She performed with WTD at the KVMR Celtic Festival in Grass Valley in October. Freyda died in a tragic auto accident May 17, 2003. We all miss her a lot.

Chuck had the immense good fortune to woo and win the hand of Sylvia Herold a few years ago. Wake the Dead has the immense good fortune of having Chuck handy whenever Cindy is unavailable for a show. Chuck plays in several band configurations with Sylvia including Euphonia and The Whipporwills, as well as other bands including the Wakefield Jazz Band. You can find out more at both and

PETE GRANT—pedal steel guitar & dobro
Pete’s an amazing, joyful character who has sat in with us several times at festivals, and it’s always a hoot. Pete goes way back, playing with the likes of David Lindley and the Grateful Dead and more recently touring with the New Riders and Irish piper Paddy Keenan, playing dobro and pedal steel guitar. Check out his most amusing and chatty site at

Paul is a tireless performer and extraordinarily sweet soul, working these days with David Nelson, David Grisman, David Thom, and even sometimes with Wake the Dead. In recent years he’s worked with us more often as a sound man, but he played bass with us at the Sebastopol Celtic Festival in 2001, the day the temperature on stage hit 108 degrees. When we get a website link for him, we’ll put it right here.

AMY MOLINELLI—percussion
Brazilian percussion whiz Amy Molinelli has so far only performed once with WTD, at The Great American Music Hall in 2005, but she rocked the house. Find out more about her work with the Brazilian Jazz Ensemble and others at

Bobbi is our most regular adjunct band member, subbing for Kevin whenever his travels take him too far to get to a gig. Bobbi’s a rock-solid fiddler, best known, perhaps, in the Bay Area as the director of the popular summer music program Fiddlekids, teaching folk fiddling styles to kids of all ages and levels of expertise. She can be reached through

KEITH TERRY—percussion
Keith can give Joe Craven a run for his money in the Sheer Energy and Invention Department. He can make music with anything he can lay his hands on and even empty-handed, he gets up and whacks on his body and dances on stage and is totally captivating. Keith has performed with WTD several times in recent years, always to wild acclaim. He keeps busy with his band Crosspulse and many other projects. Find out more at