Wake the Dead (Album Download)


The band’s début CD, recorded in 1999 as a studio concept with no plans to perform live. But when the Grateful Dead themselves released it on Arista Records, the band quickly played with Bob Weir at the Fillmore and never looked back.






TRACKS Listen to Clip
Banks of Lough Gowna (trad. Irish jig)
The Reunion (jig by Russ Barenberg)
Friend of the Devil (Garcia/Dawson/Hunter)
My Marianne (trad. Irish reel)
The Wheel (Garcia/Hunter/Kreutzmann)
Christmas Eve (trad. Irish reel)
China Cat Sunflower (Garcia/Hunter)
Bank of Ireland (trad. Irish reel)
The Bear (trad. Irish reel)
Bertha (Garcia/Hunter)
Cliffs of Mostar (unreel by Carnahan/Kotapish based on trad. Irish reel)
Lord Inchiquin (Turlough O’Carolan/trad. Irish harp air)
Sugaree (Garcia/Hunter)
Coleman’s Cross (trad. Irish reel)
Bird Song (Garcia/Hunter)
Brigid Cruise (Turlough O’Carolan/trad. Irish harp air)
Black Muddy River (Garcia/Hunter)
Touch of Grey (Garcia/Hunter)
Jack the Lad (trad. Irish reel)
Boys of Malin (trad. Irish reel)
Trip to Windsor (Cape Breton reel by Dan R. McDonald)
Row Jimmy (Garcia/Hunter)


  • Maureen Brennan: Celtic harp
  • Cindy Browne: acoustic bass
  • Danny Carnahan: vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle
  • Kevin Carr: uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle
  • Sylvia Herold: vocals
  • Paul Kotapish: mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, National Steel guitar
  • Joe Craven: hand and mouth percussion



This CD was a studio project, originally born of a conspiracy among Danny, Paul, and Maureen. At the time of its completion, not only had WTD never performed live, the seven members had never even all been together at the same time. Grateful Dead Records signed the band within days of hearing the demo in 2000 and began calendaring events for WTD, including a night with the Persuasions at Bimbo’s and opening for Bob Weir and Ratdog at the Fillmore. The band had to scramble to learn how to play the songs live. Clearly it all went well.

In these first arrangements, Sylvia didn’t play guitar yet and Paul had yet to be coaxed to sing.