Danny Carnahan


Celtoid Records 70103, © 2011 Post-Trad Productions

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Here, on his long-awaited solo outing, are 13 original songs of love and life and longing, featuring Danny’s voice, guitar, octave mandolin, and fiddle — the strongest collection yet from the Indie Award-winning songwriter who one reviewer

A sparkling studio-full of acoustic collaborators add to the festivities.  Wake the Dead bandmates Cindy Browne, Sylvia Herold, Paul Kotapish, Brian Rice, and Kevin Carr add their talents to the arrangements, as do accordionist Charlie Hancock, borrowed from Euphonia, pedal-steel master Pete Grant (who learned his first licks from Jerry Garcia), and the astonishing slide guitarist Mike Dowling. There’s even a slightly drunken Irish/New Orleans brass band weaving its magic on one track.  Songs include the up-tempo Wake the Dead concert favorite “Gunslinger”, as well as a couple more that may join the WTD set list and more than a few that Danny has performed solo in recent years.


  1. Fly My Way [audio:Fly-My-Way.mp3]
  2. Meantime
  3. It’s Early Yet
  4. The Only Stranger
  5. After the Thin Man
  6. Walking Around Your Brain
  7. Gunslinger
  8. One More Diamond
  9. Ballad of Capel Street
  10. Next Time For Two
  11. Bring the Ants
  12. Breathe
  13. Room For Our Dreams

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