Tuxedo Records TUXCD0927, ©2005 Sylvia Herold



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Come bouncing along folk music’s backroads with Euphonia, a café-style acoustic combo featuring soaring harmony vocals and sophisticated musicianship. This group brings together the compelling voices, restless minds and nimble fingers of four remarkable Northern California musicians:

Singer-guitarist Sylvia Herold (Wake the Dead, Cats & Jammers, Hot Club of San Francisco) delivers assertive guitar work and shoulders most of the storytelling with her clear, captivating voice.

Mandolinist Paul Kotapish (Wake the Dead, Kevin Burke’s Open House, Hillbillies from Mars) dispenses rhythmic drive and weaves tunes like vibrant musical threads through the songs’ fabric while adding his own rich harmony and lead vocals.

Accordionist Charlie Hancock (Swing Farm, Crepes Musette) draws on his deep reservoir of dance-music performance to provide bounce and passion.

Percussionist Brian Rice (Wake the Dead, Choro Famoso) drives it all with his joyful, Brazilian-infused beats.

Singer Danny Carnahan (Wake the Dead) drops in to fill out a few of the harmonies.

On its début recording, Euphonia offers American old-time songs amid fresh renditions of proven winners from 60 years of eclectic pop traditions (including that perennial Wake the Dead favorite “Fennario”). Fiddle tunes from America and Europe are woven throughout.

1. Fennario listen: [audio:Fennario.mp3]
2. The Light Dragoon
3. Tide Full In
4. The Cruel Mother
5. Kitty and I
6. The Bohemian Dreams
7. the Turkish reverie
8. Bonny Tavern Green
9. The Laird of Udny
10. Dublin City
11. Here’s Adieu, My Lovely Nancy

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