The second CD, released in a limited edition advance run in 2002, then licensed to Redwing Records in 2003.



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  1. The Reconciliation (trad. Irish reel); Scarlet Begonias (Garcia/Hunter); The Rose in the Garden (trad. Irish reel) [audio:Scarlet.mp3]
  2. Dermot O’Beirne’s (trad. Irish jig); The Other One (Weir/Kreutzman); The Pipe on the Hob (trad. Irish jig)
    listen to clip: [audio:Other-One.mp3]
  3. Uncle John’s Band (Garcia/Hunter) – listen to clip: [audio:Uncle-John.mp3]
  4. Boys of Ballinafad (trad. Irish jig); U.S. Blues (Garcia/Hunter); Connaught Man’s Rambles (trad. Irish jig); Where’s the Cat? (trad. Irish slide); The New Fiddle (trad. Irish jig) – listen to clip: [audio:USBlues.mp3]
  5. Liberty (Garcia/Hunter); Humours of Tullough (trad. Irish reel); Hand Me Down the Tackle (trad. Irish reel) – listen to clip: [audio:Liberty.mp3]
  6. Prodigal Town (Robert Hunter) – listen to clip: [audio:Prodigal.mp3]
  7. Playing in the Band (Weir/Hart/Hunter); Paddy Fahey’s (trad. Irish reel); Sean Frank’s (trad. Irish reel); The Tempest (trad. Irish reel)- listen to clip: [audio:Playing.mp3]
  8. Ripple (Garcia/Hunter); If I Knew the Way (Carnahan)
    listen to clip: – listen to clip: [audio:Ripple.mp3]



  • Maureen Brennan: Celtic harp
  • Cindy Browne: acoustic bass
  • Danny Carnahan: vocals, octave mandolin, fiddle
  • Kevin Carr: uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle
  • Joe Craven: hand and mouth percussion
  • Sylvia Herold: vocals, guitar
  • Paul Kotapish: vocals, mandolin, guitar
  • Brian Rice: percussion


This CD features the arrival of second percussionist Brian Rice. “Playing in the Band” was the first track the band recorded live, heralding the way for the live techniques used four years later for the third CD. Danny has passed the guitar baton on to Sylvia.

WTD never performed this recorded version of “Playing in the Band” live. It’s always used as a shell to wrap around other additional tunes, songs, and ramblings including “Boll Weevil,” “Mr. Charlie”, “Dire Wolf,” “Werewolves of London,” and assorted Spanish bagpipe raves.

The Celestial Choir singing the chorus on “Ripple” includes Maureen, Cindy, Sylvia and Paul, as well as Sylvia’s husband Chuck Ervin, Danny’s wife Saundra Wane, and our good buddy Shira Kammen.

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